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We are a full service software company that provides customized mobile strategy, mobile app development and web development for startups, small and mid sized businesses.  We work with you to create a plan for delivering your web or mobile application and execute on the plan with certainty.

The value we bring is our experience, we have delivered 25+ highly scalable and robust applications.   We work with complete transparency and adopt every lean startup principle.

Our Denver based team would love to know more about your business and cannot wait to talk to you.

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From Idea to launch and ensuring App success, MOBILE-DI helps you create a strong mobile strategy focusing development efforts on critical features to effectively drive the product/market fit.

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Whether you want to build a SaaS product ground up or automation solutions for your business productivity, we design, develop and deliver mobile responsive, custom web applications that help you accomplish your goals. 

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We provide worry-free support on your existing Mobile App or Custom software so you can focus on your core business, run it efficiently and get your customers to rave about your services/product.

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Why Us

Denver Based

We believe certain functions have to be local.  Our Denver based team will also use collaboration tools like Slack, Skype and Teamwork to give you complete transparency and full visibility into what we are doing.

Best-in-class solution

If your only tool is a hammer, you will see every problem as a nail.  Precisely why our software architects will identify, review the right tech stack for building your product.  We are happy to pass on projects where we are unable to play an expert role.

Dedicated to your project

Every developer in our team works on one project at a time this ensures we manage our projects with razor sharp efficiency. We believe focus is key on development effort’s success.

Develop responsibly

We build apps that are scalable and robust, no throwaway code here.  Our developers write self documenting code that is maintainable. We support you post launch and take the journey with you to ensure your App’s success.

Companies we're working with

  • Capitol Contact
  • Ensemble
  • Westaf
  • Mental Health Center of Denver
  • Better Leasing

What our customers say about us

The experience and dev-ops expertise of the Mobile-DI team allowed them to quickly take over our very complex project, create efficiency, and build much needed features which enabled our team to secure important customers. David and his team are readily available and vested in the success of our project.

Adam Feld
Owner and Product Manager

Mobile-DI is able to figure out clean solutions to complex problems. The overall site is better because of their knowledge of what’s possible and how to make the possible work. They put together a clean, sleek platform that will make customers satisfied with its capacity and ease of use, my two main criteria.

Paula Noonan
Capitol Contact

I enjoyed working with Mobile DI to this point and believe they were a value add to the project and not just from delivery of the software. Now we have a mobile app that has a new look and should be easy to maintain.

Adam Sestokas
Director of Technical Operations

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