Mobile & Web App Development

From idea, to launch, to ensuring an app’s success – MOBILE-DI partners with you to craft a strong mobile and web strategy. We execute on the plan with confidence, no surprises with budget or timeline.

You have a vision. Let’s bring it to life.

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Legacy Systems Migration

When it’s too challenging to launch digital initiatives, or too costly to maintain current systems – you’re in need of modernization. Without disrupting your services or customer experience, MOBILE-DI integrates and partners with your existing team to modernize your tech stack.

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Support and DevOps

Owning an efficient software delivery pipeline and agile production process is crucial to your business. Get back to what you do best and let MOBILE-DI provide you worry-free support on your suite of products and services.

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What makes MOBILE-DI different?

Transparency & Expectations

Promises, promises. We keep ours, so that when we point at the moon you can trust that’s where we’re all headed. From start to finish, we’ll always be on the same page: absolutely no surprises.

Best-In-Class Solutions

Keeping up with the latest in technology is easy – knowing the best, right tools for the job is harder. We arrive at solutions together, holistically tailored for your unique needs and to make the greatest impact.


Our clients are our partners. Yes, you have specs and we have expertise, but our strongest asset is eachother. Through communication we undertake our journey together – destined for success.

Partner Testimonials

Adam Feld
Owner & Product Manager

“The experience and dev-ops expertise of the Mobile-DI team allowed them to quickly take over our very complex project, create efficiency, and build much needed features which enabled our team to secure important customers. David and his team are readily available and vested in the success of our project.”

Paula Noonan
Capitol Contact

“Mobile-DI is able to figure out clean solutions to complex problems. The overall site is better because of their knowledge of what’s possible and how to make the possible work. They put together a clean, sleek platform that will make customers satisfied with its capacity and ease of use, my two main criteria.”

Adam Sestokas
Director of Technical Operations

“I enjoyed working with Mobile DI to this point and believe they were a value add to the project and not just from delivery of the software. Now we have a mobile app that has a new look and should be easy to maintain.”

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  • Ensemble
  • Westaf
  • Mental Health Center of Denver
  • Better Leasing