How to Plan a Mobile App that Spells Success For Your Company’s Vision

Perhaps you’ve been considering creating an app for your business but with little to no knowledge in this space, getting started with the development process seems daunting to say the least. Still, with over 197 billion apps downloaded in 2017 alone, it’s clear that your customers, current and…

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Lessons Learned Writing a Google Flutter App

Initially released in 2017 – with a preview release in 2018 – Flutter is a new tool offered by Google that allows developers to build cross-platform applications to be executed in different platforms like Android and iOS in one common codebase. Language Feature Flutter uses Dart as a…

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Are you missing out on DevOps?

What is DevOps? Is it a buzzword? Does it apply only to large enterprises? What is the measurable value that DevOps can bring to your business? What are some approaches to take to get a DevOps initiative started? How can a business go about implementing it? We try to answer these questions in this…

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